Demonstration at the Children’s Festival

Sending out a big “Thank You!” to Betty, Nancy and Marlene for volunteering at the Children’s Festival this past Saturday,September 23. The Festival was organized by the Chilliwack Community Arts Council and was held at the Tzeachten Community Hall. Thanks also to  Patti Lawn at the CCAC for inviting us!

Marlene demonstrated her Saori loom and the children were entranced- especially when they were invited to weave for a while.  It never gets old, watching the  wonder of discovery in their faces when they see the product of their handiwork. In keeping with the  theme of recycling, the weft for the  weaving was thrums – bits and pieces of  yarn all tied end-to-end.  Nancy, Betty and I had fun spinning and we  handed out and demonstrated seven strand braid kits to the kids.  Really, it was a day for the children but we had a great time watching them dance to the music and  react to the Princesses and Pirates that visited. Any day is good when you can share children’s laughter and  be reminded that some days it’s good just to have fun. Thanks again Ladies, and here’s looking forward to next years Festival!


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