African Strip Jacket

We had a great conversation session yesterday about the  new possibilities for projects and directions yesterday at our get together. Topping it off was our Show and Tell. Marie F. modeled her new African Strip Jacket. The fabric was woven by Babe H. and Marie  fashioned the jacket with the  instructions used a number of years ago by several of the members who  embarked on this particular project. Beautifully woven and  masterfully  sewn together. Great job!



September Spin In 2018


So quiet before everyone arrives!

Thank you to all the participants at our Spin in this year. As always our volunteers outdid themselves. We hosted 70 registered spinners and 6 vendors this year. A few afternoon shoppers also visited.  Our Guild had such fun with the 3 Colour Crayon challenge that we decided to extend the challenge to our visitors, and 42 participants have registered! Can’t wait to see what marvelous things show up at Show and Tell next year.

We did add a new twist to the day this year by having a raffle. On offer were a beautiful blanket woven by our members, a scarf also made by our members and a lovely box of Purdys chocolates .

If you joined us this year and have any photos you would like to share please send them along and we’ll publish them.

Next years Spin in will be held on September 14 2019 at Rosedale Traditional School. More info will be posted on the website with the registration information.

Chilliwack Christmas Craft Market 2018. November 16, 17, 18

Well, the year has gone by quickly and we find ourselves busy putting the final touches on items to submit to the Chilliwack Christmas Craft Market. This event is a chance to showcase the talents of our members. Many long hours have gone into the wonderful projects on offer to the public. We have been very fortunate to participate in this annual event for many years.

This year we will be stepping into the 21st century and offering payment by Square, for the convenience of our patrons. We look forward to another great event. We will be demonstrating spinning during the 3 days of the show, and will be working on a sheep to scarf on Sunday.

Chilliwack Fair 2018

The Chilliwack Fair was held on the weekend of August 10-12 2018. Although it is not a Guild event, as such, many of our members volunteer their time to organize, and demonstrate at the Spinning and Weaving booth. The Wednesday and Thursday preceding the Fair were incredibly hot and many thanks tot he volunteers who  were at the  booth to received and arrange the  items for judging. Thankfully the weather did  cool a wee bit for the Fair.  Our members demonstrated spinning  during the course of the event and on Sunday  a mini-Sheep to Scarf was undertaken. IMG_1109

This is the scarf as it came off the loom. It has been  properly finished now and I’ll include a photo shortly.

Yes sir, yes sir, two bags full!

At the Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild, we often receive fleece from local farmers who would rather see it go to good use instead of buried, burned, or composted. Most of the sheep in the Fraser Valley are raised for meat and the fleeces aren’t usually high quality. When bags of fresh fleece arrive in the Guild room, they are free for the taking. Most members are of the been-there-done-that frame of mind and are fully willing to let the more adventurous members handle the good.

Guild Secretary, Jordan N., is still new enough to spinning to take the challenge, often bringing home several bags at a time when available. The fleece is usually really dirty. It’s always smelly. It’s often coarse and short. But sometimes you luck out and it’s soft and long.

The newest arrivals at the Guild room contained six bags each containing two fleeces. If you can look past the smell, dirt and bits of grass and… other things, you can see potential. Jordan took home two bags and immediately took advantage of the hot weather and free fibre.

After sorting through her score, she discovered some incredibly long locks. Having very little equipment at home aside from her Louet S71 spinning wheel, Jordan is always looking for creative ways to process fibre. The long locks lent themselves well to a simple soak and rinse for easy combing with a dollar store pet comb. Restaurant bussing trays are a perfect size and depth for keeping long locks in tact while they soak over night. The hot sun is perfect for drying during the day—and trying a bit of solar dyeing as well!


It may take all summer for Jordan to work her way through her freebies, but that’s okay. The wonderful thing about the fact that this fleece is free is that local farmers can feel good that their sheep fibre has gone on to be worked and appreciated and we spinners have the opportunity to play without having to worry about the possibility of ruining expensive fibre.

Stay tuned to see how Jordan’s experiments go!