Many Hands, Many Blankets

For several years after the move to our current location, our 60″ loom sat dormant. But once one blanket came off that loom, it’s been warped over and over. Several ladies pool their stash, select colours that work together and the loom is warped with length enough for several pieces. Even though the warp is the same, every blanket that comes off the loom is unique—just like the ladies who weave them!

Saturday Sweater

New Spinner – Bev

New at both spinning and knitting, Bev just had to bring her first completed project in to show off. This lovely Saturday Sweater was handmade from fleece to finish by Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild member, Bev Huseby. Even long-time spinners and knitters had to get a close up look at the texture of this lovely piece.

New Spinner – Jordan

imgp7167Jordan is a relatively new spinner having joined the Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild in January of 2016. She took to spinning faster than a duck to water and was more than willing to accept and excel at any and every challenge the other members could throw at her. With her wheel, Georgia – a Louet S71, she has spun fibre from sheep to dollar store cotton balls and nearly everything in between. Her expertise lies in crochet (for which she won Best of Show at the 2016 Chilliwack Fall Fair), but weaving is very quickly taking a front seat.