3-Crayon Colour Challenge – Louise O. – Part 2

Louise O. managed to pull some pretty fantastic colours from the crayon bag and after weaving several scarves, took to a needle and thread.


Temari is a centuries-old fibre art from Japan where threads are embroidered onto a tightly wound thread ball in very specific patterns. Part of the draw (and difficulty) of temari is it’s symmetry.

louise o

Stitches can go in any direction because of the random wrapped thread surface of the ball. They are not limited to up and down, side to side and diagonally as with traditional stitchery.

louise o_02


3-Crayon Colour Challenge – Kathy T.

Kathy T has completed her challenge as well, and is proud to say she didn’t have  to purchase any additional fibre for it! Three cheers for a well stocked stash!!

“the overall majority for warp and weft was cotton, mostly
2/8, but also 5/2 mercerized and a similar sized cotton slub…
I added about a cm of white wool bouclé in the middle of the warp, and I
strand of the same wool bouclé went into all weft bundles.
The weft bundles were made up of a 8 single strands of the above different
yarns and colours, hand wrapped carefully onto a shuttle…”

It looks great Kathy and the brushing after the finishing  gave it a fabulous finish. Well done.


3-Crayon Colour Challenge – Leslie A.

Leslie A. has decided to  step out of the comfort zone and try tablet weaving for her project. Inspired by John Mullarkey’s “Tablet weaving made easy” . Two of the three colours are on hand and the the third is hopefully  on order soon.

Update – the finished project was on display at the Chilliwack Fair. It was originally planned as a guitar strap but ended up as a belt as it wasn’t quite wide enough for a strap.