Dye Another Day

The weather cooperated perfectly for our annual Dye Day hosted by Louise H. A rainbow could be found in the dye pots and the ladies with their wheels found under the shade of a big maple tree.

Jude, of Ewesful Creations, was kind enough to bring a pile of her custom dyed fibre for the rest of us to pick through and purchase.
What’s a beautiful day without treats to go with it?
Who doesn’t want to just roll around in this pile of gorgeous fibre?

Chunky to Chunky

To the spinning purist, it may seem a sacrilege to spin anything other than natural fibres. But to new spinners or those who may not have access to quality prepared fibres, the advent of super chunky yarn has opened up new avenues of hand spinning.

This yarn is made from 90% acrylic/10% wool super chunky roving. The wool content makes it easy to spin and the acrylic makes it machine washable.

From super chunky yarn to a super chunky plaid, this little baby blanket should see a lot of use both because of its design as well as the fibre it’s made with.

We Can Weave a Rainbow

With the amount of work involved in warping our 60″ loom, most people do projects in groups. Each weaver in the group contributes fibre for the warp and comes up with their own weft. Someday soon, this pile will turn into a lovely warp. Each blanket that comes off the loom will look completely different despite having the same warp.

Quarantine Stash Busting

Jenny has taken advantage of being stuck at home to work through some fibre that has been taking up valuable stash room for over 20 years!

This set of placemats and coordinating table runner are creatively woven to show one side coloured and the other black.

As always, Jenny’s finishing is immaculate.

A Little Time on Our Hands

What does one do with a big stash of handspun yarn and a lot of spare time? Learn something new of course!

Louise O. has taken the time to teach herself a new skill in knitting mittens. We love the fun colours and the way the yarn self-stripes. Our craft ensures that no two pairs will ever be the same.

Back to Work

Slowly but surely, the Guild room is coming back to life. Things have been gathering dust and donations from moving members have filled the corners. While a deep clean of our space is in the plans, we’re first moving ahead with some other plans—warping!

As we clean out some of our own stash, we’re seeing some exciting colour combinations that some members may have to fight over. This lovely warp is being set up for rosepath tea towels.

Keeping busy in stressful times

We all know how much life has changed in the last 6 months. The opportunity to find solace in working with our hands and hearts has not been wasted by many of our members. It soothes the soul to be able to create something beautiful in times of stress.

Lovely hand spun and hand knit hats and mitts, it won’t always be summer!
Leslie is working on the Cajun towels. They are currently being hemmed.
Mary promises to share this wonderful pattern. Tencel and wool woven scarf.
Another colorful tea towel by Mary.
Helens rug, another project from just before we all had to stay home.
Jenny finished this amazing vest. The colour are reminiscences of a deep lagoon, simply stunning.
Cat tracks and Snail trails in progress.
Mary answered the June challenge of incorporating the colors of the flags of her ancestry into this cheerful tea towel.
The inspiration for Mary’s towel.
Blankets finished just before we all had to stay home!

Catching up on Show and Tell!

After each of our business meetings we have an “show and tell” session. These don’t have to necessarily have to be spin or weave related – fibres arts are so  very flexible! Since October, between our Christmas craft market and holiday break and the cancellation of the January meeting I have been remiss in  updating the  photos, so here they are! It’s such a wonderful collection of the  talents of our amazing members. Enjoy! In no particular order….


Marlene’s new crocheted scarf – absolutely lovely!


Jenny has been weaving some lovely chenille, and the warping board seemed the best thing to display them on – so luscious!


Sumiko wove this wonderful soft shawl for her mother. Such a lovely colour palate.


Mary has been having fun using up her hand-spun scraps- too cute!


Bev’s lovely blanket!


Betty and one of her lovely blankets – I never tire of seeing the wonderful array of blankets from a single warp.


Twice woven carpet by Nancy for the Guild sale in November. Stunning!


Marlene, I do believe this is one of your creations – love the colour shift.


Jordan loves to spin and crochet and this one one of her creations – such subtle colours !


Another wonderful toy ensemble from Mary!

I am embarrassed to say I can’t remember who  knit the top two hats, so ladies let eme know and I’ll adjust the  comments.


Jenny does it again with vibrant colours and designs, no wonder her towels of so very popular at our sale! Well done.

Helen and the most recent blanket to come off the loom…love it!

Louise H and another wonderful blanket.

Monkey Fists

On the First Thursday in October we got together to learn how to make Monkey Fists. These little balls can be used for a variety of closures. I have seen them on some sites as  survival skills, with a rock inside they can be used as bolos or  as a weighted end for throwing a light line into a tree for hoisting up gear to keep it safe. I have used monkey fists as a closure on inkle-woven bags.


There was a lot of laughter and a good time was had by all!

Babe Harverson Memorial Legacy Fund

In November of 2018 our Guild bade farewell to one of our dearest members. Babe Harverson was a  wonderful weaver and  friend. Her memorial service in January of 2019 brought to light so much  of this talented ladies life. For those who had know Babe for may years it only reminded them of the wondrous personality of this remarkable lady. For those of us who had know  her for the last 10 years or so it was an affirmation of just how all encompassing her zest for life was. Her generous spirit brought joy to all those around her.

In September of 2019, Babe’s daughter Sheila visited our Guild to propose a memorial legacy fund to further weaving and fibre arts study in our Guild. A memorial shadow box had been  put together for Babe’s family and it was presented back to the Guild for display in our room. The fund has been set up and we are  actively researching a teacher for this year to  fulfill the  legacy.


Guild president Leslie accepting the memorial box and donation from Sheila on behalf of the Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild.