Art Challenge

Two years ago we  challenged our members to create something inspired by art. At our June luncheon this year  some of these projects were revealed. The photos of these will slowly be added to-  the light level at the restaurant was not great for the photos.


Carolyn T. wove this lovely scarf. The Passiflora flower is lovely and Carolyn chose to weave the scarf in cotton and  a mohair boucle.




Leslie A was inspired by Starry Nights by Vincent van Gogh and wove a tablet band.  The pattern was  originally from  “A tablet weqfer’s Pattern Book” and  the colours were adapted to suit the artwork. The work is 6 yards long, enough for garment trip or to piece to make a small bag.






Many Hands, Many Blankets

For several years after the move to our current location, our 60″ loom sat dormant. But once one blanket came off that loom, it’s been warped over and over. Several ladies pool their stash, select colours that work together and the loom is warped with length enough for several pieces. Even though the warp is the same, every blanket that comes off the loom is unique—just like the ladies who weave them!

Summer… not just for vacations!

Well, with the longest day of the years looming ( pardon the pun) summer is well and truly on  our minds. Remember when, as a child, that season  held the magic of vacations, seemingly endless days with no school,  staying out late and playing with friends. I look at the calendar now and realize just how short the summer really is.  Our AGM is done, just some  paperwork to do to finalize the proceedings.  Many thanks to the members who attended. Our executive remains and we welcome new committee members. Officially our year is from 1 July to end June.

During July and August we will be getting together on Tuesdays at the Guild room, forgoing our usual Thursday morning  get togethers. Those sessions will resume in September, after Labour Day.

August sees the Guild members helping out at the Chilliwack Fair. Plans are afoot for a sheep to scarf  project, which we traditionally do on the Sunday of the Fair weekend. It’s amazing just how few weeks are left until Fair entries are to be submitted. Yikes, there goes the summer. At least no one will hear us muttering that we are bored!igSSPAefSnihPXBesso60w

I’m looking forward to spinning these little beauties – Jude, he colours are fabulous!

Whatever the summer holds for each of you, I hope you all are safe and  create wonderful memories.



A Blanket of Friendship Memories

Louise H. recently shared with the members the blanket she and her her friends wove a Friendship blanket number of years ago. Twelve participants chose a colour for the weft, and used a common warp colour. Each also  chose a different design to weave. Skeins of  weft were exchanged and each weaver wove the design square of her choosing in the colours of her friends. Squares were then exchanged and enough were available to each person to  construct a blanket. A few years ago I believe I remember Maureen C. sharing her yet to be assembled squares.  Louise’s finished project is a thing of beauty.  The overshot patterns are classic. Louise finished her blanket with crochet in her weft colour. Many thanks for sharing such a treasure with us.




Jenny O. was reminded of a similar project she was involved with in Ontario many years ago and  has kindly  allowed us to make a copy of her  instructions portfolio. A copy of this will be placed in the Guild  records for possible future projects.

Winter Wonders

Our members have been busy and shared their projects at a recent get together.

Carolyn T has a great eye for colour. The beads on the edge are a great touch.

Marlene R knitted this wonderful temperature scarf throughout 2018, and only regrets that the temperature didn’t get cold enough to use the lovely Lavender’s at the coldest end of the chart. Each day has 3 rows, the main colour doe the day is the high and the small “dots” are the low for that day. The black strips are the separations between months. Great project. I think you could have used those coldest colors this year!


Bev H took time to organize and store a collection of cards with woven inserts to inspire our members. Over time we hope to chase down the pattern drafts so they can be recreated.

Marie F did a fabulous job on this Sheep towel, worked on our 8-shaft loom.

Great hat Carolyn! Love the Pom Pom!

Marlene showing us just how long the temperature scarf is!

Leslie A took a stab at stacked knitting. Hopefully it will lead to interesting projects in future.

Christmas Craft Market 2018

Many thanks to our many volunteers  for their hard work and dedication in presenting another great looking booth at the Christmas Craft Market.  This event is always  a highlight of our year. This year was no exception. We added new payment methods with Square this year and were very pleased with the results. It’s always such a pleasure  seeing the many varies and  wonderful items our members craft.

The demonstration booth was also notched up a little bit this year with a static display of some items used for our crafting, in addition to the  loom we use. On Sunday three spinners and a weaver produced a scarf in “Sheep to scarf” tradition. The warp of light denim blue was offset with a spun warp of  varied shades of blue. We are looking forward to seeing it after our weaver Jenny O. has  given it a proper finishing. Well done Ladies! Also this year, Louie O demonstrated the making of Temari balls on Sunday. I always love seeing these intricate little wonders – they are  fascinating and mesmerizing.


African Strip Jacket

We had a great conversation session yesterday about the  new possibilities for projects and directions yesterday at our get together. Topping it off was our Show and Tell. Marie F. modeled her new African Strip Jacket. The fabric was woven by Babe H. and Marie  fashioned the jacket with the  instructions used a number of years ago by several of the members who  embarked on this particular project. Beautifully woven and  masterfully  sewn together. Great job!