“Learn to do by doing” award – 4H

For the last several years the Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild Society have sponsored an award  for the Chilliwack District 4H. Last night, at Rosedale Traditional School, I had the honour of awarding a young man the “Learn to do by doing award” at the Chilliwack District Awards. Carlos Kortekaas and his parents have graciously  given us permission to list his name as the winner of the award this year.

Over the years I have seen many 4H members at the various Chilliwack Fairs and other  events around our valley. I have not  had a much closer connection than that, though I have always been impressed by their  hard work and enthusiasm. Having attended the dinner and awards I now have a much broader understanding of this amazing organization and am more impressed than ever. Carlos and his siblings  are just one family of many in our Valley who  have achieved  many  goals through this program. It was very encouraging to see  so many young people embracing the  ethos of  Head, Heart, Hands and Health. Many thanks to the Chilliwack District 4H Council for  inviting us to participate in supporting these wonderful  teens. I look forward to next year and another chance to celebrate them!



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