Turned Taqueté Fun- February 2020

One of our latest adventures is weaving circles and checks as  presented in the May/June 2019 issue of Handwoven written by Susan Poague.   The idea of making circles on the loom was intriguing and we decided to step out of our comfort zone and have some fun. The warp was prepared over the Christmas break and the loom was dressed in January. After a preliminary  run to test the threading Mary has started her towel. The test sample was woven in the turquoise of the warp, Mary is using the green and it is amazing. We’ll get more photos up as they are worked.

The strip you see on the bottom is how we are keeping track of the pattern as we weave. The numbers in the right column indicate which of the 8 shafts on our Woolhouse 8-shaft table-top loom are to be worked. The large paperclip is placed on the row currently being worked. As the pattern is 36 rows, pinning or taping a  list to the loom seemed a bit awkward. We are fortunate to have a  stand that fits the loom and the paper strip sits nicely on the shelf of the table – good for lefties and righties!

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