Pillowslip transformations!

Fibre arts are not always about spinning and weaving. Anything fabric related is open season. Marlene took the time to put together a session to teach us how to make shopping bags from King size pillowslips. It was a fun afternoon and I believe we may have bought our all the spare pillow cases in the area thrift stores!7CD9E456-574D-4D63-82AD-350C470D86A92F7DDA78-8CE9-47E4-A162-1563CC69B450

We had so much fun making them I don’t think we took any photos, but here are some that I was inspired to make. The top one is from quilting fabric that was living in my cupboard and the bottom one was from the session with Marlene. The one below is from some wonderful Mary Englebreit fabric I have been hoarding!


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