Keeping busy in stressful times

We all know how much life has changed in the last 6 months. The opportunity to find solace in working with our hands and hearts has not been wasted by many of our members. It soothes the soul to be able to create something beautiful in times of stress.

Lovely hand spun and hand knit hats and mitts, it won’t always be summer!
Leslie is working on the Cajun towels. They are currently being hemmed.
Mary promises to share this wonderful pattern. Tencel and wool woven scarf.
Another colorful tea towel by Mary.
Helens rug, another project from just before we all had to stay home.
Jenny finished this amazing vest. The colour are reminiscences of a deep lagoon, simply stunning.
Cat tracks and Snail trails in progress.
Mary answered the June challenge of incorporating the colors of the flags of her ancestry into this cheerful tea towel.
The inspiration for Mary’s towel.
Blankets finished just before we all had to stay home!

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