A Blanket of Friendship Memories

Louise H. recently shared with the members the blanket she and her her friends wove a Friendship blanket number of years ago. Twelve participants chose a colour for the weft, and used a common warp colour. Each also  chose a different design to weave. Skeins of  weft were exchanged and each weaver wove the design square of her choosing in the colours of her friends. Squares were then exchanged and enough were available to each person to  construct a blanket. A few years ago I believe I remember Maureen C. sharing her yet to be assembled squares.  Louise’s finished project is a thing of beauty.  The overshot patterns are classic. Louise finished her blanket with crochet in her weft colour. Many thanks for sharing such a treasure with us.




Jenny O. was reminded of a similar project she was involved with in Ontario many years ago and  has kindly  allowed us to make a copy of her  instructions portfolio. A copy of this will be placed in the Guild  records for possible future projects.

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