Christmas Craft Market 2018

Many thanks to our many volunteers  for their hard work and dedication in presenting another great looking booth at the Christmas Craft Market.  This event is always  a highlight of our year. This year was no exception. We added new payment methods with Square this year and were very pleased with the results. It’s always such a pleasure  seeing the many varies and  wonderful items our members craft.

The demonstration booth was also notched up a little bit this year with a static display of some items used for our crafting, in addition to the  loom we use. On Sunday three spinners and a weaver produced a scarf in “Sheep to scarf” tradition. The warp of light denim blue was offset with a spun warp of  varied shades of blue. We are looking forward to seeing it after our weaver Jenny O. has  given it a proper finishing. Well done Ladies! Also this year, Louie O demonstrated the making of Temari balls on Sunday. I always love seeing these intricate little wonders – they are  fascinating and mesmerizing.


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